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Join us for the Annual Luncheon Meeting
Wednesday, September 25th at 11:30 at
The Bellport Country Club, 40 So. Country Road

MENU: Pasta Pomodoro; Garden Salad; Choice of Grilled Marinated Steak, Chicken Verano or Salmon Dijon; Cake; Soft Drinks; Coffee or Tea

Bring a friend!  Send check payable to NYSRTA/LIZ for $30/person to Penny Coyle, 314 Atlantic Avenue, Greenport, NY 11944 (631-477-0099) by September 9th.  Include your name, address, telephone number and number of guests.

Directions: Sunrise Highway exit 56 to Station Road south, turn right at light on South Country Road in village of Bellport.  The Country Club is on the left.


During the Long Island Zone Annual Meeting Wednesday, September 25th at 11:30 a.m. at The Bellport Country Club, 40 South Country Road, Bellport, LIZ will hold its annual election.  The LIZ Bylaws (complete related text on the reverse) require that “The Nominations Committee announce the slate in the notice to all members of the annual business meeting.”  The slate was not announced in LIZ NEWS, however it is presented here on the LIZ website, as well as in e-mails to those members for whom we have e-mail addresses, and in a sheet accompanying the Annual Report, distributed prior to the Annual Meeting.  Some proposed officers may not be known by members of the Long Island Zone.  So, in their own words, here they are:

Kathryn Grande (President)

photoI joined the NNRTA 2002 and was co-chair for the North Nassau Newsletter. I was a very active member. When the groups consolidated I became a member of WERTA. As a member of WERTA I was the State Legislative Chairperson. As chairperson I held a seminar for my advocates on State Legislation, explaining the procedures they had to follow in visiting legislators.   As chairman of the Legislative Action Committee I visited local legislators to hand out our Campaign Cards. I also visited Albany to present our Campaign Cards to our legislators who were in Albany. As Vice-President of LIZ I was involved in planning the luncheons and getting entertainment. I also worked on the committee that hosted the Annual NYSRTA Convention in 2011. I served as delegate to a number NYSRTA Conventions.

June Torns (Vice President)

June TornsWidowed, 2 children, 8 grands, 8  greats
Attended SCCC, Stonybrook, Hofstra 
Have 4 certifications Taught in Copiague for 24 years 
Was active in the union COPTA Served as rep and officers 
Taught sec. Eng, history, reading and common core. Retired in 1995 because of my husband's Illness.Joined CART(Copiague Association of Retired Teachers. Served as treasurer and vice president. Attend RC 20 Meetings and alternate to NYSUT. Also Attend CORTLI meetings in Suffolk. Joined Western Suffolk now WEERTA afew years ago as well asNYSRTA. Have not been active for a few years until this. year becauseofmy own health issues. Am sending this from my new tablet which I am only now learning to use. My computer Is not available.
You can reach me at <jtorns@optonline.net> or 631_842_4517.

Sally Valenti (Secretary)

photoGraduated from Drew in NJ, received a Masters from SUNY New Paltz, and taught elementary school in Oceanside for 42 years.  Sells Jones NY at Macy’s, has been V.P. of South Nassau Community Hospital Auxiliary, President of SNRTA, and President WERTA.

Dominick LiCausi (Treasurer)

photoI retired three years ago. In my first year being retired I joined:  WERTA, EERTA, NYSTRA, Sachem Retired Teachers Association, Deer Park Retired Teachers Association (they changed their by laws to let me join), and the NYSUT one that was free.I taught over 37 years and was always involved as a building rep., NYSUT rep, AFT rep and as a rep for the New York State Retirement System. I served as a delegate for many years in all of those conventions as well as last year for our NYSRTA convention. This year I am on the list to attend our next NYSRTA convention.

For the past few years I was active in EERTA serving as Committee Chair  person in charge of Special Trips/Activities. I am the current Parliamentarian for LIZ and just appointed  Treasurer for LiZ starting in November.

My unrelated activities are: I am the current Vice Flotilla Commander for the UNITED STATES COAST GUARD AUXILIARY out of Port Jefferson, NY. I am in charge of all the Staff OFFICERS (16+). I am certified by the Coast Guard to teach boating classes (which I still do). I also do vessel examinations and a few other related duties for our members and the public. I have been involved with the Coast Guard for the past seven years.



Section 1. The elected officers of the organization shall be as follows:
            a. President    b. Vice President    c. Secretary    d. Treasurer

The elected officers of the organization shall have such powers and duties as may be assigned to them by the Executive Committee.

Section 2. The President shall:

a. Preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Executive Committee; b. Appoint Chairmen of all committees with the approval of the Zone Officers    and the Area Presidents;
c. Appoint the Area Groups/Unit Coordinator with the approval of the    Executive Committee;
d. Prepare the agenda for the business meetings;
e. Call meetings of the Executive Committee as the business of the    organization requires;
f. Be an ex-officio member of each committee except the Nominations    Committee;
g. Approve or disapprove each voucher payment;
h. Appoint delegates to the Annual State Meeting/Conference in accordance    with procedures set by the Executive Committee;
i.  Perform any other duties that are not assigned to other officers and    committees as may be necessary to discharge properly the functions of    his/her office.

Section 3. The Vice President shall:

a. Perform all duties of the President in his/her absence;
b. Be chairman of the Program Committee;
c. Be available to assist the President in other activities whenever his/her    service is needed;
d. Take over all duties assigned by the President.

Section 4. The Secretary shall:

a. Record the proceedings of the organization and the Executive Committee;
b. Work closely with the President.
c. Send out notices of meetings and other communications as necessary;
d. Be responsible for the records of this organization.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall:

a. Be responsible for the monies of the organization;
b. Deposit such monies in banks approved by the Executive Committee;
c. Disburse these funds upon order of the President;
d. Render an accounting of these monies at the Annual Meeting of the Organization.


Section l.  The officers of the organization shall be elected at the Annual Meeting as set by the Executive Committee in the odd-numbered years by a majority vote of the members voting;
Section 2. The Nominations Committee shall announce the slate in the notice to all members of the annual business meeting;
Section 3.  Nominations for officers may be made from the floor;
Section 4.  The elected officers shall hold office for a term of two years except the treasurer, whose number of terms is not limited. The President, Vice President, and Secretary may succeed themselves for one term only.  The term of office shall begin November 1 and end October 31 of the expiring year and continue however until in each case, a successor shall be elected.

from the President

NYSRTA President Judie Byndas (at right with Fred Conway) and her photoJudie Byndas, Fred Conwayhusband Richard visited Long Island - the first presidential visit in a decade. They were greeted by executives of the LIZ Board at a reception (below: Leigh Powell, Alicia Winowsky, JoAnne Powell, Angelo Grande, Dee McKinnon, Judie Byndas, Sally Valenti, Kathy Grande, Mary Armbruster and Evelyn Paola), joined us for dinner at the Port Jefferson Country Club and were our guests of honor at the Spring Luncheon.
From the July NYSRTA Executive Board Meeting:



Zone Presidents' Reports

<empPhoto LIZ executive boardty>

• The President’s Appeal is up to $71,462.

• LIZ: The Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund headed by NYSRTA VP for Friendly Service Mary Ella Moeller is at $10,395 with 13 applicants!

• Central Zone is working on the 2014 Convention.

• WZ is working on a plan to provide an incentive award to active teachers or schools for innovative activities.

Committee Reports

Bylaws - proposed President Emeritus would be a delegate-at-large, entitled a vote, with expenses to the Annual Convention paid by NYSRTA.

Credentials - NCZ will host 2021 and NEZ the 2022  conventions.

Community Service - Volunteer Training, a volunteer plan for zones, is intended to help individuals in being successful when applying for new positions at the local, zone and state levels.

Finance & Budget - the 2014 budget will increase $4,000.  The  auditor’s report for 2012 was accepted.  Office salaries to increase 4%.  Investment accounts reviewed.

Friendly Services - Hurricane Sandy contributions totaled $10,395 with $1500 from Kentucky Retired Teachers.  13 applications for aid will be distributed equally in August.  Discussion about flooding in the Mohawk Valley and lack of FEMA aid for individuals.  Information will be sent out from NYSRTA for voluntary contributions.

Membership - membership is down across the state.

Nominations - Sal Sedita applied and has been recommended for Office of Membership VP.  All other positions agreed to serve another year.

Public Relations - reviewed process for awarding NYSRTA grant.  Suggested process be revamped, simplified, and made more functional.  LIZ and NEZ are scheduled to award grants in 2014.  Application will be posted on the NYSRTA website.

Resolutions - all six proposals were recommended to be presented at the Annual Meeting. They will be published in the fall issue of York State.  “Be It Resolved...” document, including the Index and compilation of all resolutions since 1994, can be accessed on NYSRTA website.

Site - thanked 63rd convention workers and discussed 64th.

Strategic Planning Committee - meeting for 7 years regarding future of NYSRTA.

York State - may add historical articles or personal column.

PR - retirement presentation for school districts.

Permanent Trust Reports

• Insurance Trust - Bylaws revisions for approval by the Trustees at the Annual Meeting.

• Robert R. DeCourmier Trustees encourage all zones, county/units, and individuals to contribute on a yearly basis.

Unfinished Business

•  A committee was formed to consider reducing the number of days and delegates for the convention.  Mrs. Byndas asked that other ideas for downsizing be e-mailed to her.

New Business

• Mr. Grande moved that the Bylaws committee eliminate lifetime dues. (Defeated)

• Mr. Quill moved that the SPC discuss the dues structure and make a recommendation to the Executive Board by March 2014. (Unanimously approved)

• Due to a resignation,  Mrs. Byndas moved to place Jackie Moller as the nominee for appointment as Trustee to the DeCormier Trust.  (Unanimously approved)

• Mrs. Byndas reported a few changes at the convention.  Mr. O’Shea would like a monitor at each microphone.

In preparation for NYSRTA’s Annual Meeting and Convention at Turning Stone in October, Leigh Powell is working closely with his site committee.  Angelo Grande is consulting with his workshop committee.

After two terms of two years each, my presidency is ending with the 2013 Annual Meeting and Convention this October.  I will be turning over the reins to current VP Kathy Grande.

-Frederick G. Conway, LIZ President

photoNews in a Nutshell

The NYSRTA Convention will be held at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, NY October 15-18th, hosted by the Southeastern Zone.  A motor coach will be provided for those of us traveling from Long Island. 

Workshops will include highlights of the Hudson Valley, a history of West Point, the legacy of FDR, Silver Sneakers exercises and more.  Based on our membership, LIZ is entitled to 39 voting delegates.

NYSRTA President Judie Byndas and her husband Richard arrived on Long Island on May 21st and were guests of honor at a welcoming reception at the home of LIZ President Fred Conway, followed by a dinner at the Port Jefferson County Club.  The next day they were guests of honor at the Spring Luncheon at Captain Bill’s in Bay Shore.  Judi reminisced about her early teaching days on Long  Island and her hopes for the spirit of volunteerism to flourish.
Greg Efimetz (at right), a retired music teacher and a long-time band member was our featured speaker.  He delivered an interesting presentation on “The History of the Trumpet,” describing how it has evolved from cavemen blowing on seashells and animal horns, medieval armies calling the troops, developing through the modern Jazz age.  Mr.  Efimetz served in the US Navy during the Viet Nam war.  He now volunteers as a bugler at Calverton National Cemetery and shared with us that no matter how many times he is called upon to play “Taps,” it is an honor and a duty to be carried out with the utmost feeling and respect.  We were treated to “You Made Me Love You,” “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White,” “The Pink Panther,” and “Autumn Leaves.”

LIZ Community Service Chair Angelo Grande (at right) has been elected County Commander of  the Nassau County American Legion for the 2013-2014 Legion Year.  Angelo, who served in the US Army from 1960-1962, was installed at the 95th Annual Convention of the Nassau County American Legion on June 9th. As Commander, Angelo will oversee 55 American Legion posts in Nassau County.  He has announced two major projects for his term in office: “VET Dogs” and “Flags Over Nassau.”  The VET dog objective is to provide trained dogs for needy veterans and co-chairing this project is Capt. James Byler, a 26 year-old veteran who lost both legs in Afghanistan and has returned to college to work on his MA degree.  “Flags Over Nassau” is aimed at encouraging commercial establishments to fly the American flag over their businesses by recognizing them with awards and citations.
-Eileen Holmes, PR Chair

WERTA Highlights

The West End Retired Teachers’ Association held a successful luncheon on June 7, 2013.  The weather was blustery, rainy and truly formidable, yet the members arrived smiling and ready to enjoy the afternoon.

The highlight of the meeting was the awarding of our annual scholarship.  This year’s recipient is a student in STEP Program of Adelphi University.  We were honored to have in attendance Jane Ashdown, Dean of the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education, and Carolyn Phillips, Director of the STEP Program.  Dean Ashdown and Ms. Phillips spoke, explaining their program.  This year’s scholarship was awarded to Christina Di Gregorio, who will continue her studies in the field of education by pursuing a Master’s Degree.

LIZ President Fred Conway installed the new WERTA Executive Board officers: President, Evelyn Paola; Vice President, Emily Caristo; Secretary, Josephine Ferrante and Treasurer, Candy Misner.  The new board and the members of WERTA are looking forward to a productive 2013-2014.

-Evelyn Paola, WERTA Vice President

EERTA Events

The East End Retired Teachers’ Association Annual Meeting and Luncheon was held on May 15th at Stonewall’s Restaurant at Cherry Creek Golf Club in Riverhead wth EERTA Co-President Agnes Dansereau chairing the meeting.  Financial and committee reports were given and Eileen Holmes was welcomed to our board as co-chair of public relations.  Dave Keefe, Retiree Representative on the NYS Teachers’ Retirement System Board, reported that NYSRTA pensions are safe, our assets are at $95 billion, up from 85 billion and the word out of Albany is that pensions are being left alone and our pensions at present are guaranteed by state law.  Dave is up for re-election to the Board this year.

In June, the EERTA Flag Day Luncheon was held at the Bay View Inn in South Jamesport.  Our guest speaker was Frances LaDuca of Northport, a retired teacher and now a representative of Road Scholars (formerly called Elder Hostel and a not-for-profit leader in lifelong learning since 1975).  Frances gave an informative presentation of the advantages that Road Scholars provide for senior travelers.  Programs vary from 3 days to 2+ weeks, activity levels range from easy to challenging, you can travel as a single, couple or in a group, and the cost of participation is a good value compared to commercial programs.  Destinations include North America, international, cruises and the new category is: Grandparents and Grandkids. In addition, Road Scholar programs use expert volunteer instructors who provide unique behind-the-scenes access.  For more information or to receive the newest catalog detailing learning adventures, you can go to www.roadscholar.org or call 877-426-8056.  At the close of her presentation, Frances held a drawing and EERTA Co-President Sheila Jones won a $50 gift certificate towards a Roads Scholar trip.  Treasurer John Ruggiero pulled the winner of our annual  50/50 raffle: a write-in from Setauket.

Historian Dottie McCann is leading a small group to Broadway’s ”Pippin” before her exit from the board to become a permanent resident in Florida.  Don Licausi is gathering a group to see “42nd Street” at the Gateway Theater in Bellport.

Our August 27th board meeting, a pot luck dinner on the deck of Agnes Dansereau’s home in Greenport, provides swimming as an option.

Our Back-to-School luncheon will be at the Vineyard in Aquebogue September 4th with guest speaker Kim Kiurous from the Attorney General’s office.  She will speak on Identity Theft, Smart Senior Issues and Internet Scams. 

October brings 19 of us to the NYSRTA Convention at Turning Stone, November to Gurney’s Inn in Montauk. 

We’ll end the year with our Holiday Party at the Soundview in Greenport and at Virginia Schulze’s Shelter Island home - take the ferry and bring dish to share.

-Agnes Dansereau & Sheila Jones, EERTA Co-Presidents

LIZ Health

•Children born to mothers who get more vitamins from their diets develop stronger bones, even years later, a new study shows.

•A new report from Consumer Lab shows that some bottled varieties of green tea appear to be little more than sugar water while some green tea leaves are contaminated with lead.

•Fruit growers, farm workers, and a major retailer have started a program aimed at the types of bacterial outbreaks that have sickened consumers who ate contaminated produce.

•Frequent heartburn increases the risk of throat cancer, a new study has found, and over-the-counter antacids may provide protection.

•Age has its privileges and one of them suggests possible immunity to some flu pandemics.

•Many people who have normal blood pressure experience anxiety-induced spikes in the doctor’s office which can give the somewhat common impression of hypertension.

•Findings by Dr. Peter C. Butler on Merck’s medication Januvia are threatening the future of all drugs in its class, yearly sales of which exceed $9 billion.

•Losing weight may help to allay red, scaly skin patches of psoriasis, a new study shows.

•A way to prevent aging skin?  Yes, it’s possible.  A new study is first to prove that people who use sunscreen every day can slow the development of wrinkles.

•Some experts blame the rising number of melanoma cases on inappropriate use of sunscreen, but a major concern is also not using products that protect against UVA rays.

•The use of aspirin significantly reduces the risk of cancer but no one knows why.

•Medicare panel urges cuts to hospital payments for services that doctors offer for less in their offices.

•Partisan gridlock thwarts efforts to alter health laws. Republicans want the entire law repealed and will not take part in tweaks while Democrats fear reopening a politically-charged debate.

•British and Danish studies confirmed what researchers on aging long suspected: activity improves & populations grow healthier as people are better educated.

 •Nostalgia, long considered a disorder, is now recognized to counteract loneliness, boredom, and anxiety - making life seem more meaningful and death less frightening.

-Penny Coyle, Health Chair

Grandchildren Visit?

Or perhaps you expect to host the Book Club or Game Night for a group of friends.  Here’s a great afternoon project to make with the kids or delicious item to serve the adults (from Facebook).

Fluffy Chicks!  For easy hard “boiled” eggs, place a dozen eggs in a mini muffin pan (on their sides so the yolks stay in the middle).  Bake at 325ºF for 30 minutes, remove with chef’s tongs and place in an ice bath immediately.  One egg or two dozen - time and temp are the same. Easy to peel with no sticking. Or, traditionally, place eggs in a saucepan and add cold water to cover by 1 inch, bring to a rolling boil, remove pan from heat, cover, let stand 13 minutes, drain, then run eggs under cold water.  Slice a bit off the big end of the peeled eggs so each stands up.  Slice the top third off the small end and remove the yolks.  Mash & stir the dozen yolks with freshly ground salt & pepper, 4 T. mayo and 4 t. prepared mustard.  Spoon mixture into a zip-lock sandwich bag, seal bag, snip off one corner.  Squeeze mixture out of corner of bag into the large egg white pieces.  Add chopped black olive for eyes and a sliver of carrot for beak and top with small egg white pieces.  Chill before serving.


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: 1-3 afternoons/week to help primary school students in an after-school enrichment program - story telling and reading books to develop and strengthen language in order to achieve success in reading.  Contact Toni Huffine at the Boys & Girls Club in Bellport: zum12@optonline.net.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Nassau County) at FEGs, a non-profit Health and Human Services organization located in Syosset.  Contact Julie Burr at 516-496-7550 or jburr@fegs.org.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Reach for the Stars Tutoring, Inc. needs NYS certified teachers to travel to students’ homes for tutoring, esp. secondary certification with daytime availability, who can go Sachem, Kings Park & Middle Country areas.  Contact Melanie Rasmussen at 631.642.7876 or 631.804.3623.

LEARNING/SHOPPING OPPORTUNITY: watercolor painting in beautiful Huntington outdoor setting taught by retired art teacher @ $40/hr. - also discounted redesigned & vintage clothing & accessories.  Call 631-271-4109.

FOR SALE in Hartland, ME: 8-acre 600 ft. spring-fed lakefront property (5 building lots) - $350,000, will finance.  Contact mawiwczar@juno.com or 631-929-4587.

FOR SALE in North Adams/Berkshires, MA: 2 bedroom/2 bath/loft 2nd floor condo with elevator, 1650 sq. ft. under A/C, in downtown historic 1800’s building, apartment built 2006, walk to all in lively growing art community, 5 miles to Williams College & Museum in Williamstown, MA - $275,000.  Contact Marty at sonmar2011@aol.com or 917-561-8962.

FOR RENT in Key Largo, FL: 2 bedroom waterfront condo, weekly/monthly rentals.  Contact oraclarke@optonline.net or 516-628-2905

Ads go to LIzonenews@gmail.com with LIZ NEWS as the subject.



updated September 15, 2013